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Dependent administration one type of estate administration

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be emotionally challenging. However, the process can be legally challenging and complicated as well. The assistance of an attorney can help people in Texas who are executors of wills or those who desire to become administrators of estates to successfully navigate the estate administration process, which may include that of dependent administration.

With dependent administration, the amount of court supervision that takes place is very high. This means an estate administrator must have permission from the court to engage in nearly any transaction. These transactions include selling property and paying the debts of an estate.

Dependent administration is considered ideal for situations where there is a great deal of conflict among the beneficiaries or heirs. Since the court is very involved in the process, a judge can easily oversee everyone’s conduct. This offers some protection for the estate administrator. In addition, as part of dependent administration, creditors have to follow a strict process for making claims. If creditors do not present their claims with certain timeframes or make the claims incorrectly, the estate will not be liable for those debts any longer.

Another thing to consider concerning dependent administration in Texas is that the administrator has to provide a bond according to the estate’s size. The bond provides protection for the estate’s creditors and beneficiaries. Once the dependent administration has been closed, the bond is released. Estate administration can be complicated, but proper legal guidance can help people go through the probate process as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible.