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3 considerations for naming a guardian for your kids

The love you have for your children likely outweighs any other feeling you have in life. You may have felt an immense love for your kids from the moment they were born, and that love certainly has only grown over the course of their lives. Of course, when you love another person, a sense of worry also tends to come coupled with that joyous feeling, and you undoubtedly face many concerns for your children that numerous other parents also face.

One serious issue that may leave you anxious relates to what will happen to your children in the event of your death and the death of their other parent. You certainly want your kids cared for in the best manner possible, so rather than leaving their guardianship up to chance, you may want to consider appointing a guardian in your will.


When it comes to making such an appointment, a variety of details could affect whom you choose. Though you may want to pick someone to whom your children feel close, the closest or most fun-loving relative may not always be the most suited for the job. When considering your candidates for guardian, you may wish to assess common concerns, such as:

  • Financial stability – Though an aunt or uncle may love to spend time with your children and care for them very deeply, if he or she does not have the means to financially provide for your children, that individual may not fit the position. You obviously know that children require numerous necessities, and raising children can become costly.
  • Values – If you want your children raised with the same or similar values that you hold dear, you may wish to determine which of your guardian candidates also share your values. This aspect may help you feel more at ease knowing the likely manner in which your children will be raised.
  • Longevity – Of course, the age of your candidate can also play a significant role. You may trust your parents to provide the proper care for your kids, but if they are older individuals and your children are still quite young, you could face the risk of something happening to the guardian before your children reach adulthood.

These considerations are only a few of those that you may want to explore when choosing an appropriate guardian for your children.

Legal assistance

Because you may not fully understand the ramifications that naming a guardian can have, you may want to speak with a Texas attorney. This individual could provide you not only with valuable legal knowledge of the steps for naming a guardian but also assist you in understanding what other factors you should consider when making your choice.