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Famed disc jockey’s daughter moves forward with will contest

Families in Texas and across the U.S. can be afflicted with the problems that come with heirs disagreeing over a loved one’s will. This is especially true when it was someone who was wealthy or prominent and there are multiple people who might have an interest in the property and assets that are part of the estate. A will contest, a court battle between heirs, challenging a will and any other type of dispute related to the testator’s apparent wishes can be messy and difficult, but sometimes probate litigation is necessary. Whether it is protecting one’s interests when other people are trying to contest a will or contesting the will oneself, legal help is vital.

The estate of a famous disc jockey who died in late October of 2016 is part of a conflict his daughter is having in the distribution of his assets. She is seeking assistance from the public through a funding campaign to wage her fight. The woman, 54, does not know what her father’s net worth was when he died. However, he had worked for more than six decades in Chicago prior to his death. He had also traveled for work and taught at a university. He owned two homes. His daughter was a consistent presence with the man as he did his work on the road.

The daughter and her father’s girlfriend had a contentious relationship. A producer for the late DJ states that the daughter and the girlfriend had a falling out. The daughter was apparently left out of the will. As the DJ’s aged and his health declined, the daughter believes that he was manipulated to changing his estate documents. Mediation has taken place since the probate case started in May. The girlfriend was named the executor of the estate. His former radio producer is the successor executor. The DJ’s granddaughter also received nothing in the will.

Cases such as these are difficult because it begins to appear as if the loved ones of the decedent are engaging in a court battle without regard to the person’s wishes. But if there is a belief that there were mental issues, manipulation or some form of illegality, it is best to go through the case with legal help and come to a determination. For those who are defending a case or are seeking to contest a will, contacting an experienced lawyer is the first thing they should do.

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