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Legal help with probate issues and dependent administration

When a loved one dies in Texas, there are many things that a family will need to think about. Apart from the grief, there are legal factors that must be accounted for in the aftermath. Some of these can be complicated. Probate is an important part of the legal process after a loved one has died.

Part of ensuring a smooth completion to the legal issues is to know the different types of probate. A law firm that has experience in probate issues is crucial to these situations. There are three kinds of probate administration. The main difference between them is how much court supervision there is with each. There are benefits and drawbacks to the three and knowing which is preferable is a vital step. For those who believe significant supervision is needed, dependent administration might be the best bet.

With dependent administration, there is substantial court supervision. The administrator will require permission from the court for just about every transaction that is made. Such issues as the sale of property and paying debts will be part of this. There can be conflict between the heirs in this type of probate and creditors might have a problem with it. A bond is required from the administrator and it is based on the estate’s size.

While it might seem as if there are limited benefits to a dependent administration, in truth, it is a useful method when there are concerns about how the estate will be handled. If the heirs and beneficiaries are battling over the estate, court supervision can put an end to the disagreements and there is strong legal backing to prevent it from continuing. It could spur greater collaboration between the family members and make a situation that had a chance to spiral out of control more tenable. A law firm experienced in estate administration and probate can help with the determination as to which type of probate is preferable.