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No need to contest a validly created will with our help

The death of a loved one sends a Texas resident on an emotional and stressful journey. Family members have to go through the decedent’s belongings and plan their funeral all while coming to terms with their own grief. If the decedent had not outlined their own wishes for how their funeral should take place and their assets distributed, it can trigger another stressful time in the lives of the heirs.

Family strife among beneficiaries is common if the decedent did not outline how their estate should be distributed. In what should be a time of coming together and helping one another get through this difficult period, siblings may fight over how the funeral should be held and who gets to live in the family home. Leaving a family unprepared to deal with one’s estate is a step not many want to knowingly take, but dying without an estate plan may result in just that.

Lawyers at our firm see the results of this lack of estate planning routinely, which fuels our desire to ensure people have a plan in place to avoid unnecessary heartache and conflict. When meeting with individuals, we discuss the importance of an estate plan and the ramifications of not having one. We then outline the various important documents that one should have in place to protect one’s heirs and beneficiaries and to provide for their future.

Protecting one’s family from this fate is possible with a comprehensive estate plan and we can help create one. By providing options suited to every family’s individual needs, we ensure our client’s goals are met.