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Estate planning decisions should be informed

As mentioned many times before on this blog, Houston residents, along with their counterparts across the country, often delay talking about end-of-life decisions and how they would like their assets to be distributed amongst their heirs. In the absence of a healthcare proxy or a financial one, family members are left to make important, life altering decisions in an emotionally charged environment and this can lead to family disputes in the long-run. This could be avoided if individuals take the time and make the effort to make these decisions and create comprehensive estate plans.

However, creating an estate plan is not the end of the matter. Routinely updating those documents and ensuring one has utilized all the newest possibilities for estate plans available at the time are also important steps that must be taken to ensure one has protected their assets for their most current and relevant beneficiaries. Neglecting to take this step might mean an important part of the family is left out, such as newborns.

Creating an estate plan, appointing a healthcare proxy or a power of attorney is not something that Houston residents should attempt to do on their own. There are certain legalities that must be completed in order to ensure that the documents are enforceable in court, which is why consulting experienced attorneys like the ones at the Law Office of Sharon Stodghill, can be beneficial. We pride ourselves on providing knowledgeable advice to our clients and taking the time to provide accurate answers to them as well.

By letting our clients know what legal options are available to them and what would best suit their individual situation, we ensure they make legally informed decisions that benefit their loved ones in the long run. For more on estate planning, visit our page.