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Common succession planning mistakes to avoid

There comes a time in every business owner’s life where they need to start thinking about who will succeed them once they retire. During this time, the business owner needs to create a succession plan so that the business can thrive without them. Here are some common mistakes that business owners should try to avoid while succession planning in Texas.

Dividing the business

If you are running a family business, it may have crossed your mind to appoint all of your children as equal successors. While this may seem like a good idea that could potentially please all of your kids, this is likely not a good idea for your business.

By splitting up ownership, if some of your kids want to take the business in one direction while the others want to take it in the opposite direction, it could destroy your business. It is better to simply evaluate all of their individual skills and choose the heir that you believe will be the most efficient leader. You should also consider working with an estate planning and probate attorney that can help finalize your succession plan documents once you’ve made your decision.

Assuming that your kids want to be business owners

Since we’re on the topic of children, another mistake that business owners make is assuming that their children want to take over as the owner of the company. Some children do not want to run their parents’ business. This is why it is important that you have an honest conversation with your family to see what they want and whether or not they would be willing to succeed you as business owner.

Not making plans for your retirement

After you are done making plans for your successor, you should make plans for what you’re going to do once you are no longer running a business. Many business owners don’t think about what they’re going to do once they retire, so when they do retire they don’t know what to do with themselves. This can cause them to return to the business and possibly try to interrupt the way that the new owner is running things.

After running a business for so long, it can be hard to let go. However, you won’t be around forever so if you want your business to last, it’s important to pass the torch.