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How failing to update a will nearly cost a cat its life

Once an estate plan is created in Texas and elsewhere, often people forget about making changes to it as their lives change. Estate planning documents can quickly become outdated if a person does not act to make changes for life situations such as marriage, asset acquisition or a change of heart as to certain directives in an estate plan. This can cause confusion or upset for some beneficiaries after a person dies.

Estate planning in Texas merits periodic review

Updating an estate plan can assist Texas residents in making sure that their wishes for property distribution are followed after their deaths. A periodic review may benefit heirs as well as the individual engaged in estate planning. Additionally, making sure that an estate plan is up to date will avoid any surprises for beneficiaries when it comes time to settle an estate.

The importance of choosing the right trustee in Texas

As many Texas residents know, trusts and wills are just two of the many estate planning tools available today. These documents, however, can control the distribution of assets after death and may be the only instructions available to your family and the court. When deciding the terms of these estate planning instruments, there are many factors to consider, including who will be best fit to manage them after your death.

Beneficiaries: early estate planning in blended families

Blended families are now part of the landscape here in Texas and across the country. In fact, a recent report suggests that more than 40 percent of American adults have a step-relative of some sort. As folks live longer and more marriages end in divorce, the list of possible beneficiaries for an estate continues to expand.

Mega gift may limit taxes for beneficiaries

Texas residents may be unaware that there are many strategies in estate planning designed to limit the amount of tax due at the time of death. These strategies can include trusts, wills and mega gifts. Early estate planning can help a person maximize the potential for tax benefits to an estate and its beneficiaries.

Estate planning is important for all Texas residents

A large number of the residents of Texas, along with other Americans, do not have proper estate planning documents, a new report says. The numbers are surprising, showing that up to 92 percent of those under the age of 35 do not even have a basic will, let alone full estate planning provisions. This can leave a person's assets unprotected and may result in a long and costly probate process when the person dies.

Take advantage of estate tax laws before they change

With so many changes to estate taxes and how they are structured, it may be difficult for many Texas residents to keep it all straight. That is where estate planning comes in. By working with a dedicated professional, it may be possible to create a plan that maximizes the size of the estate while minimizing the impact of taxes.

Houston estate planning involves categorizing prized possessions

People can become attached to their possessions and collections that have been amassed over the years, often making it difficult to let go of them. For Houston residents, strong estate planning involves taking those collections and making sure that they are well taken care of, whether that means selling them or placing them in trusts.

Whitney Houston's estate expected to grow as administration begins

In Texas and across the country, estate administration can be challenging when a wealthy person dies. In those instances where the deceased is a celebrity, opportunities may exist for the estate to earn substantial income from the sale of products related to the individual. Nowhere is this more true than with a music icon. We have seen it over the last three years with Michael Jackson, and we may soon see it again with the estate of Whitney Houston.

Estate plan important for disposition of land

Real property purchased by a party during their lifetime often becomes a part of their estate after they pass away. An estate plan created while the person is alive can direct the actions that an estate, through an executor, will take after the person dies. The options for property distribution are varied and can involve trusts or long-term asset distribution to beneficiaries. State laws, including those here in Texas, govern much of the distribution of an estate.