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Probate litigation of farmer estate of interest in Texas

As people in Texas age, they sometimes find that they are with individuals that they had not been in earlier years. This can lead to changes in estate planning documents such as wills and powers of attorney. In addition, in some cases, these changes can lead to probate litigation matters between potential heirs when the person dies.

This may have been what occurred in a probate litigation that is currently happening in another state. In that case, a man died after changing his ill and powers of attorney several times in the years just prior to his death. These changes included removing much of his family form inheritances and making an individual who had begun to care for the man the sole beneficiary of the estate.

The estate in question is valued at several million dollars. Most of the value is in real property. At the time of his death the man owned 57 acres of land that is set to be developed. However, he was said to have had only some $433 in his checking and savings accounts when he died. This is in part what led some to believe that he had suffered from undue influence from those around him in his last years.

A probate litigation can come from many different individuals. In many cases, as happened here, those seeking to challenge estate planning documents are family members or those who may have benefited from the estate without changes being made. When that happens, it can do well for people to seek information as to how the state law of Texas applies to a case before entering into the sometimes complicated process.

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